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Gopher Gold #52

21 July 2021

PTerm - A modern Go module to beautify console output. Featuring charts, progressbars, tables, trees, live areas, and much more., Going with Go: Modern Business Applications, Flexible mocking for testing in Go (without using a framework), Gort is a chatbot framework designed from the ground up for chatops written in Golang

4 min read

Gopher Gold #51

14 July 2021

Go 1.17 Release Candidate 1 is released, Go is not C, so there is not an extreme fast way to merge slices, Go 1.16.6 and Go 1.15.14 are released

4 min read

Gopher Gold #50

07 July 2021

Write a time-series database engine from scratch, Benchmarks in GO can be surprising

4 min read

Gopher Gold #49

30 June 2021

Go team quiet weeks, Explain Go Concurrency Worker Pool Patterns to me like Iā€™m five, Go 1.17 is deprecating the traditional use of 'go get', Handy one liners in Go codebases, Spotify for the terminal in Go

6 min read

Gopher Gold #48

23 June 2021

We're writing a 100% compatible drop in MySQL replacement in pure golang. That means copying all of MySQL's dumbest decisions, FYI: a single Go rune is not the same as a single visible character, We wrote a book about building business applications in Go, Columnar in-memory store with bitmap indexing

5 min read

Gopher Gold #47

16 June 2021

Vagrant being ported from Ruby to Go, go 1.17 beta released, pokemium/Worldwide: GameBoy Color emulator written in Golang., Learn Go with Tests: Reading files, Push notification service, in Go, with support for the usual APNS and FCM, but also supporting Webpush, Email and Telegram

4 min read

Gopher Gold #46

09 June 2021

Microsoft is hiring Software Engineers to work on Go compiler and tools ecosystem, Slides: A terminal + markdown based presentation tool (written in Go), Introducing Test-Last Development (TLD), Docker without Docker, Building Microservices in Go: REST APIs - Testing

4 min read

Gopher Gold #45

02 June 2021

A Terraform Provider for Factorio, The future of functional programming in Go 1.18 with generics, A Notion API SDK, written in Golang, Let's build a concurrent file downloader in Go - Tutorial for beginners, Go Performance Tools Cheat Sheet

6 min read

Gopher Gold #44

26 May 2021

Is there a way to have custom typecasting in GoLang?, How I Setup Go With Vim, Verifying Cognito JWT tokens in go, Build a Go REST API with Fiber and MongoDB, What was the name of that one game, again?

4 min read

Gopher Gold #43

19 May 2021

a SQL database in 2000 lines of Golang without importing any third-party package., Thoughts on how to structure Go code, Error handling in Go HTTP applications, I made a Twitter Clone with VueJS and Go, Go Package CI/CD with GitHub Actions

5 min read

Gopher Gold #42

12 May 2021

Zero to Kubernetes in 5 Mins, šŸŽ‰ The Create Go App project has grown to v2, but is still easier, better, faster & stronger, Working with Go Embed, Writing a Simple CLI Program: Python vs Go, Coming Up With Project Ideas (Naturally)

5 min read

Gopher Gold #41

05 May 2021

How Litestream Eliminated My Database Server for $0.03/month, Building video chat into my personal website using WebRTC, WebSockets and Go, The art of solving problems with Monte Carlo simulations (with Go), Things I learned about Go, New golang package to reduce code duplication in APIs

5 min read